Saturday, February 1, 2020


Atlanta Video Networkers
People Who Engage in Business Networking
And Are Willing and Able to Network by Video

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It's simple really, we spend far too much time getting from here to there, often times with little to no initial results.  Don't get me wrong, I love meeting face to face... but, it is often times just not practical. Then too, we could in fact initially connect with far more people were we willing to connect, (at least initially) by video.

The first simple purpose of this site, is to bring together people who are willing, equipped and able to meet together by video.

A second purpose is to have simple group video networking sessions among the participants, not more than say 10 at a time... And those networking sessions will be recorded and shared on this site.

To keep up to date with the activities and video's, the only way to do so is by subscribing to this blog. I will send out updates and announcements as simple and short blog posts which you will receive by email.  It really is quite simple.

To be included here, you must be ready to use at least some of the below services
And everyone must meet with me by video to insure success.

The below are all free  For two people, it is free all day long, for three or more, free for 40 minute sessions  This is great, it is free... there is no download and you can permanently acquire your own private room by signing up.  This gives you an 8 person conference room for free.

Adequate internet service must also be available to everyone.  Direct connect internet is by far the best.  WiFi too far removed from your computer is not advised for a successful video chat.

And for group meetings, ear buds or headphones are required.

FYI-Cost: Initially participation here is free... however, ultimately there will be a very small and nominal cost to be included on the participant/member list, as well as well as for participation in our group networking videos to be shared on this site.